Who I am

Picture of Staffan Hesselbom, Web-AD and Digital Designer

My name is Staffan Hesselbom and I work as a freelance Web-AD, Digital Designer and Front-End Developer.

I have worked with this as a professional since early in the year 2000. I was born and raised in a town called Örebro in Sweden, but I moved to the Swedish capital Stockholm in March 2000 when I got a job as a web designer on a start-up. In September 2012 I started my own company, Hyperdyne AB.

My main focus is on appealing, user-friendly design that will be available to all! Apart from strong graphic skills, I focus also on the website code to be as good as possible, to help people with various disabilities, but also to search engines like Google find and index the page correctly.

I have a great personal interest in what is happening on the web and make sure to keep an eye on the latest trends and the latest technology.

Former employers

Before I started my own company and started freelance, I worked at a couple of different agencies. It was educational and fun, and it’s thanks to them that I have been able to develop myself to who I am.

JG Communication (2008-2012)

JG Communication is a content agency that has wide experience of communication in all channels, such as print, web and video. I was employed as a Web-AD and interface developers and helped clients to reach out with their communication on the web and in intranets / extranets.

Some examples of clients that I worked with:

  • Ericsson
  • Netnod
  • Partsrådet
  • SoftOne
  • Sydsvenskan
  • Boverket
  • JM

Litium Affärskommunikation (2007-2008)

Litium is developing its own CMS and I was working as a web designer, front-end developer and project manager. I helped our customers to get a great websites built in Litium CMS.

Some examples of clients that I worked with:

  • Dramatiska Institutet
  • Astando
  • Bilda Musikwebb
  • Xenter
  • Fasadglas

Milagro Business Partner (2000-2006)

Milagro was an agency that took full responsibility for clients’ websites, ranging from feasibility studies, design and maintenance to test and evaluation. Unfortunately, Milagro doesn’t exist today. My role was as a web designer, developer and project manager. I helped clients with everything from new designs to operating and updating existing websites. Often it was long assignments where I worked close together with the customer and improved the web.

Some examples of clients that I worked with:

  • BMW
  • Lotus Travel
  • Erik Penser Fondkommission
  • SPINN / Cloetta / Heineken
  • Ericsson

Transcom AB (1998-2000)

Support technician via phone for Tele2 Internet support.


My main focus is on graphic design of web sites and digital products but I have extensive experience in interaction design, interface development and testing.

Art Director and Graphic Designer

Graphic design and concept development of websites and other digital solutions. Strong focus on user experience and interaktionsdesign.

Front-end Developer

  • WordPress
  • Some knowledge in JavaScript, PHP and Flash

Spoken languages

  • Swedish (mother tongue)
  • English (fluent in speaking and writing)
  • Japanese (for fun)